Main   Stage

The Main Stage is one of Aki Con's biggest sets, featuring 8 ft tall pillars, fluttering lanterns, and enormous maple leaves. The Main Stage is where Cosplay Showdown, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Concerts, and most major Aki Con events take place. The entire set glows with a sense of anime nostalgia that enhances every event it holds.

Confirmed   Events

  • Over 100 hrs of Panels
  • LARPing Tournaments
  • Anime Viewing Room ON Demand
  • Artist Alley
  • Vendor Room
  • Photo Booths, Cosplay Meet Ups
  • Aki Late Night Dance
  • Aki Arcade and Gaming
  • Special Guests
  • Cosplay Contests

Music   Events

  • Concerts
    Aki Con features a concert every night. From JROCK to geek rap to DJ performances, Aki Con concerts are not to be missed.
  • Masquerade Ball
    A formal masked ball held Saturday night. Formal cosplay and masks required. Please Note: No one will be allowed into the masquerade without formal attire and a mask
  • Kids Events
    Aki Con has tons of fun an exciting events for kids including: Kids only costume contests, Pokemon scavenger hunt, Kids Arts and Crafts, Kid-friendly Arcade games, and Photo areas.

Apply to host a Panel

Aki 11 Panel Submissions
Aki Con has over 100 hrs of panels each year. You can submit an application to run your own panel by clicking the link below.

Submit a Panel

Aki Con 11   Contests

Prizes include:
- Aki 11 Badges
- Aki Bucks
(Buy things from vendors and artists)
- CASH!!!
Cosplay Showdown
Aki Con's cosplay skit contest where groups perform 5 minute long skits.
Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse!

Sign up at the Registration desk.

1st Place - $500 and 5 Badges
Runner-Up - $100 and 5 Badges
Cosplay Contest
Aki Con's walk-on cosplay competition, Fashion Show style! Guest judges deal out the scores and the highest scoring cosplayers win.

1st Place - $200 and a Badge
Runner-Up - $50 and a Badge
Miss/Mister Aki Con Pageant
The new and improved version of Aki Con's swimsuit competition. Contestants are randomly assigned "talents" which must be performed in character.

1st Place - $100 and a Badge
Hall Cosplay Contest
Simply wear cosplay at the con. Aki Con volunteers will pick their favorites and give out prizes!
Aki Con Sing Your heart Out
The karaoke contest will be judged on overall performance and vocal talent.
Ramen Eating Contest
A contest of speed and will! Be the first to down your bowl of ramen and win a year supply of instant noodles!
Pumpkin Carving contest
Bring your favorite carving tools, a prime pumpkin, and your artistic skills! You'll have 3 hours to turn your pumpkin into an amazing anime masterpiece.
The Great Aki Con Pocky Tower Challenge!
Come and test your Pocky stacking skills with a chance to win an entire tower of Pocky!
Pokemon Scavenger Hunt
How many of the first 151 Pokemon can you spot at the convention? Each Pokemon can only be "caught" by the first person to show us a photo...whoever finds the most wins!

Click here for Complete Rules

Gaming   Tournaments

  • Tournament List

Pre-Con Contests

  • AMV Anime Music Videos!

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