Complete Contest Rules

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Last Updated 10/19/17

Pre-Convention Contests

Mail Pre-Con submissions to:

AMV Anime Music Videos!
Create an anime music video! All entries must be post marked by x/x. All AMV must be 5 minute or less. State the name of the song, artist, and anime(s) present in the AMV. The winning AMV will be played at Opening Ceremonies and winning director gets a gift card.

Convention Contests

Sign up sheets will be located at the con Registration desk on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Cosplay Showdown
Featuring cash prizes, Cosplay Showdown is Aki's cosplay skit contest where cosplayers perform 5 minute skits for attendees. Guest judges deal out the scores and the highest scoring group wins. This event is held on Saturday and due to time constraints we can only take a limited number of groups. So don't forget to sign up before the deadline of Noon on Saturday . NO WALK-ONS (the Cosplay Contest is for walk-ons). Sign up at the con Registration desk.

Cosplay Contest
Aki's walk on cosplay competition run similar to a fashion show. Guest judges deal out the scores and the highest scoring cosplayer wins.

Hall Cosplay Contest
Everyone is welcome to participate in Hall Cosplay, simply wear your cosplay(s) while at the con. Aki Con will pick their favorites and give out prizes! Any genre of cosplay is allowed for Hall Cosplay, but all costumes must be suitable for all audiences. This convention is a family- friendly event, and there will be people of all ages present throughout the convention. Please keep this in mind when designing and choosing your costumes, and allow your common sense and good taste to prevail. Aki Con reserves the right to deem a costume as unacceptable and request the wearer make modifications.

Ramen Eating Contest
A contest of speed and will! Be the first to down your bowl of ramen and win a year supply of instant noodles! Sign up will be posted by at the Registration desk.

Aki Con Sing Your heart Out
The karaoke contest will be judged on overall performance and vocal talent. Sign ups will be at the Registration desk. J-Pop and anime songs only please. English versions are okay! Must bring your own CD, no USB drives.

Miss/Mister Aki Con Pageant
Make a cosplay outfit and dual cosplay swim suit outfit. It will be ran like a beauty pageant with Girls and Guys being asked questions which they must answer while staying in character. There may also be a talent round depending on how many enter. The cosplayer who is most in character with the best cosplay wins. Cross-play is allowed but the judges shouldn't be able to tell. There will be a Q&A, Talent section, swim suit.

Pumpkin Carving contest
Bring your favorite carving tools, a prime pumpkin, and your artistic skills! You'll have 3 hours to turn your pumpkin into an amazing anime masterpiece.

The Great Aki Con Pocky Tower Challenge!
Come and test your Pocky stacking skills with a chance to win an entire tower of Pocky!