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Ben Diskin

Ben Diskin
With nearly 30 years of voice acting experience, Diskin has voiced a multitude of characters in video games, anime, and western animation.

Some of his more recognizable anime roles include Joseph Joestar in "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", Ban in "The Seven Deadly Sins", Sai in "Naruto Shippuden", Death Gun in "Sword Art Online II", Cutemon and Shoutmon in "Digimon Fusion", and Gurio Umino in "Sailor Moon Classic" and "Sailor Moon Crystal".

Additionally, he has voiced some smaller (but memorable) characters in fan favorites "Bungou Stray Dogs", "Kill la Kill", "Fate/Apocrypha", "One Punch Man", "Hunter x Hunter", "Durarara!! x2", "Accel World", and "Tiger & Bunny".

Diskin has many popular western animation credits to his name as well. He has starred as Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 2 in "Codename: Kids Next Door", Eugene in "Hey Arnold!", Hahn in "Avatar: The Last Airbender", Boris Badenov in "The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle", Haida in "Aggretsuko", and Eddie Brock/Venom in "The Spectacular Spider-Man".

He has also had roles in many video game franchises such as "Mega Man", "Naruto Shippuden: Ninja Storm", "Tales of Berseria", "Fire Emblem", "Marvel VS Capcom", "BlazBlue", "Kingdom Hearts", "Shin Megami Tensei", "Sonic Boom", and "Digimon".

Ben Diskin recently helped make Pokemon history as Professor Oak in "Pokemon: The Two Professors", a series of online shorts that introduced the new Mythical Pokemon Meltan in "Pokemon GO". Meltan is not only the first Pokemon to be introduced in a game outside of the main series, he is also the first ever Mythical Pokemon that can evolve...

...perhaps Ben will reprise this role in the highly anticipated "Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu!" and "Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee!" for the Nintendo Switch?
We will find out on November 16!

Warky T. Chocobo

Warky T. Chocobo Warky T. Chocobo
Steve "Warky" Nunez is a jack of all trades and thankfully a master of some.

You may know Warky as the part bird/part man, but not many know that as an actor, Warky first broke into voice acting narrating audio books for the blind, and from there into all facets of media. Some of his favorite projects he has worked on include, "The Souls of the Saintlands" Audio Book series by Tonya Adolfson, Hulu's T.V. show, "Chance", Bali in "HunkiePop", Lady Woo in Nexon's, "Dungeon Fighter Online", Rift Bubbles in "Heroes of Newerth", The Demon Lord in The Seduce Me Otome Series, Gema Taku in "Yandere Simulator" and in Marvel's, "Ant-Man" playing as a Homeless man.

As a musician, Steve is a singer of the Parody Mormon Band, "They Might Be Elders". Hailed on the news as the "Weird Al of Mormonism", Steve delights in bringing happiness to all he encounters. Not just involved in parody, he has also worked sound and music in Video Games, Television, Movie Trailers, and more. For added fun, ask about his performances on Clarinet to Dubstep.

Under the tutelage of Yamila Abraham, CEO and award winning author of Yaoi Press, Steve got his start lettering for Yaoi Press. He has worked on Bara, BL, and Yaoi manga both in physical and digital print and most recently has worked on Full-Cast Yaoi Audiobooks such as "Zolabarth Bi", "Trapped Wizard", "The Yaoikuza", and Yaoi/Bara visual novel Video games such as, "My Magical Demon Lover", "To Trust An Incubus", and more!

Steve looks forward to what the future has in store for him and hopes that there are chocobos involved.
-- Wark !