Aki   Con   2015   Contests

Cosplay Showdown
Cosplay Showdown is Aki's cosplay skit contest where cosplayers perform 5 minute or less skits.

Sign up at the pre-reg desk.
Prize: 1st place-$750, 1st Runner up-$250, 2nd Runner up-$100
Ramen Eating Contest
A contest of speed and will! Be the first to down your bowl of ramen and win!

Sign up at the pre-reg desk.
Prize: A year supply of instant Ramen
America's Best Otaku Dance Crew
Get your Otaku crew together and show the world what you can do. Choose an song. Show off your in-sync dance moves.

Sign up at pre-reg desk
Prize: 1st place $200
2015 Miss/Mr Aki Con Pageant
The new and improved version of Aki Con's swimsuit competition.

Prize: 1st place-$100, Runner up-$25
Cosplay Fashion Show
Aki's walk on cosplay competition. Guest judges deal out the scores and the highest scoring cosplayer wins.

Prize: 1st place $250
Cosplay Weapons Contest
Do you have any awesome homemade cosplay weapon you'd like to showcase? Sign up, drop it off and see whose cosplay prop is the best.

Sign up at pre-reg desk
Prize: 1st place-$100, 2nd place-$50, 3rd place-$25
Hall Cosplay Contest
Simply wear cosplay at the con. Aki Con volunteers will pick their favorites and give out prizes!
Aki Con Sing Your heart Out
The karaoke contest will be judged on overall performance and vocal talent.
Dance Competition
Show off your best dance moves: Break dance, pop and lock even moon walk yourself to the title of Dance Champion.
AKI CON Fan Art contest
The Aki Con mascots are here to stay. Show your support by drawing Akiís con mascots in your own style.
Cosplay Fashion Show
A classic catwalk style contest
Aki Con Model Contest
Do you put together anime models? Want to show off your models and win great prizes. Then enter the Aki Con model contest.
Pumpkin Carving contest
Bring your favorite craving tools, a prime pumpkin and along with your artistic skills. You'll have 3 hours to turn your pumpkin into a amazing anime masterpiece.
The Great Aki Con Pocky Tower Challenge!
Come and test your pocky stack skill with a chance to win an entire tower of pocky

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